La Bretxa was built by Antonio Cortázar architect in 1870. Later in 1898, José de Goicoa proceeded to its enlargement. The original building had an U shape, with a court in the middle, which was later covered as well as the front of the building as we know it today. The origin of its name is linked to the history of the City.

The name of La Bretxa has its origins in the history of Donostia, and has a direct relatioship with the different attacks suffered by the City in the past. At the beginning of XVIIIth century, Duke of Berwik invaded San Sebastian. During this attack, two breaches were opened in the rampart. A century later the 31st August 1813, the anglo- portuguese soldiers entered through this breach, and this is the reason why La Bretxa has this name, which means, the breach.

Later, the so called “Pescadería” building (Fish Market) was built at the rear area. Nowadays, it has become a place for entertainment, separated from the main building by a court where farmers used to sell their products.
*Old pictures, Fototeka Kutxa.

La Bretxa 2014

La Bretxa 1827